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Should You Take Photos When Viewing A Home For Sale?

Should You Take Photos When Viewing A House for Sale?When you are looking for a new property, you might find yourself booked into looking at 5-6 properties in one day. In these situations, it can be difficult to remember all of the features that each property had.

You will be left wondering which one had the balcony with the great view, or the extra-large closet space in the bedroom.

If you want to be able to look back on the homes you visited and remember their features more easily, it can be very helpful to bring a camera with you to the showing and to take photos of the property.

It can also be helpful when only one partner is able to attend the viewing, so that way they can show the other partner the details of the house. However, could this be considered an invasion of privacy and offensive to the home owners?

Public Or Private Space?

Some homeowners have absolutely no problem with you taking photos of the house when you view it so that you can reference those photos later. However, other home owners really don’t like it when buyers take photos inside the home – because they consider this an invasion of their private space.

If you just bring out your camera and start snapping away, you might make them very uncomfortable.

It Never Hurts To Ask

When you go to a house showing, it is always a good idea to ask whether or not the owner would mind if you take a photo. If they say no, you shouldn’t push them too much or you might make a bad impression – which will decrease your chances of your offer being chosen.

Instead, you can simply make notes on the features of the house so that you can remember later.

Remember, when you are viewing a property it helps to take photos – but make sure that you ask first! If you have any other questions about buying a home, or are looking for real estate advice, contact your trusted real estate professional today.

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