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Not Sure If It’s A Boy Or A Girl? Stunning Gender Neutral Nursery Design Themes For 2014

Not Sure If It's a Boy or a Girl? Stunning Gender Neutral Nursery Design Themes for 2014When it’s just about time to welcome a new family member into the home, you want to ensure that you’re as prepared as you can be. If you’re becoming a parent for the first time, being prepared for your baby’s arrival is especially important.

Just because you want to be prepared, however, doesn’t mean you have to reveal your baby’s gender if that’s something you wish to keep a surprise. Here are some stunning gender neutral nursery designs for 2014.

Purity And Peace: Shades Of White

A design for a neutral gender nursery that is becoming increasingly popular is one that is full of different shades of white, bringing with it an atmosphere of peace and purity.

Suited just as well to your baby girl or baby boy, a nursery with white walls and off-white or cream linens will certainly create a perfect canvas.

Once your baby’s gender is determined, a colored rug or wall decorations can make the room more gender-specific, though leaving it as an all-white haven works well, too.

Common focal points in these kinds of “purity” themed nurseries are crystal chandeliers, grandiose white drapery around the baby’s crib, or antique furniture. Mirrors with intricate frames also work well in these kinds of rooms, and subtle pastels can be added while still maintaining a gender-neutral theme.

Gender Neutral With Neutrals And Primaries

Of course neutral colors work well for creating a room that will be suited to a boy or a girl, but you don’t have to leave out the colors completely in order to obtain a gender neutral feel. Instead of opting for a light pink or baby blue, primary colors tend to be more gender neutral, so opt for shades of green, yellow, and red.

Another option is to create a multi-colored atmosphere by making use of all the primary colors in your nursery’s decor and design elements, while opting for neutral colors for the walls, carpeting, and bedding. Using this strategy, you can create an ultra-modern or slightly retro room, while the vibrancy of the colors make it an ultra-fun space.

A Wild Safari: Fit For Boys And Girls

Wilds safaris are just as suited to boys as they are to girls, and this kind of nursery theme is one that is especially popular when creating a gender neutral atmosphere. When creating this kind of a wild safari nursery, you can make creative use of wall motifs and wall decals to recreate a scene from the jungle.

Images of a jungle’s terrain, giraffes, and elephants will certainly create the perfect space for your baby boy or girl. These themes can make use of neutral colors like beige, brown, and white, while also working in some of the gender neutral primary colors like yellow and green.

Whether you choose to go on a “baby spree” with a wild safari theme, or opt for something a little more classic and modern by using white or primary colored nursery themes, there are many different ways you can prepare for your baby’s arrival without spoiling the secret.

Your baby boy or baby girl will love their nursery, and you will love the pleasant surprise! If you’re on the hunt for a new home that offers the perfect space for a nursery, get in touch with your real estate professional today, and start your home hunting as soon as possible.

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